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Startup Support

Busan Economic Promotion Agency

Busan Startup is a space where aspiring entrepreneurs, business starters,
investors and various support agencies coexist through collaboration and exchanges.

Busan Economic Promotion Agency

It provides comprehensive startup support for would-be entrepreneurs, single-person creative businesses and venture startups. It is equipped with various startup support facilities including 70 business incubation rooms, product exhibition room, seminar room, training center, photo studio, counseling room and business room. In addition, it delivers actual support for aspiring entrepreneurs or business starters such as startup training, consulting, exchange meetings, financing, sales support and startup information.

Busan Economic Promotion Agency picture

Busan Economic Promotion Agency picture

Startup support programs

  • 1st-step business incubation
    advertising and selection, provide startup spaces, deliver startup training and consulting, hold network meetings, support customized marketing and startup financing
  • 2nd-step post support
    upport business promotion and local marketing, support export and overseas marketing, provide facilities for post support, nurture and support star businesses, support successful networks
  • Busan 1-person Creative Business Center
    support startup and management improvement loans, support connection to other business support organizations through related networks, allow any single-person creative firm around the country to use equipment


Floor Description
3 Business incubation room (23), seminar room, training center
4 Business incubation room (7), seminar room, product exhibition room, common-use equipment room, photo studio, administrative office, counseling room, lounge
5 Busan 1-person Creative Business Center (18), administrative office, meeting room, seminar room, 3D-printing support room
6 Post support center (15)

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