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Startup Support

Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

Busan Startup is a space where aspiring entrepreneurs, business starters,
investors and various support agencies coexist through collaboration and exchanges.

Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

It is a space of communication and exchanges for Busan’s creative economy. It functions as an ‘agit’ for aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of staring a business and a ‘stepping stone’ to make imagination into reality. It also plays as a ‘base camp’ for local early startups by providing exchange space for them.

Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation Picture

Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation Picture

Statup support programs

  • raining to turn ideas into business
    operate Busan Creative Academy, Movie Academy and IoT Academy
  • Exchange and collaboration program
    hold distribution MD exchange meetings (sourcing exhibition), support development of crowd-sourcing models, help smart studios, grant innovative product certification, operate movie & video exchange and collaboration programs
  • Capacity buildup for would-be accelerators
    foster startups & accelerators, support global trend seminars, run programs to support startup (ideas), marketing and prototype fabrication, hold a contest for early startups.


Facility Name Description
Omni Meeting Room Provide real-time counseling on distribution (product planning → marketing) for small and venture companies utilizing a video system
Fashion Design Art Studio A creative art space for various fashion works
Video Preview Room Available for preview of movie, video or personal materials
Video Editing Room A space for editing movie, video or graphic works
Conference Room A multi-purpose hall available for 100 persons to support large-scale events such as lecture, seminar, etc.
Legal, Financial, Patent Support Room Provides legal, financial and patent counseling services for would-be startups
Smart Studio A space to support expansion of sales channels online and offline for local and small businesses
Fab-Cafe Prototype fabrication room (opening scheduled for July)

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