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Startup Support

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency

Busan Startup is a space where aspiring entrepreneurs, business starters,
investors and various support agencies coexist through collaboration and exchanges.

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency

It contributes to job creation in Busan by providing customized IT/CT training and one-stop startup support services and developing self-sustainable networks. It also creates a productive startup ecosystem by delivering job creation programs in a systematic way.

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency Picture

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency Picture

Startup support programs

  • Training support (6 programs)
    Busan Global IT Training Center, Consortium for HRD Ability Magnified Program, Centum SW Academy, Busan Mobile App Center, Busan Stereoscopic Image Academy, Busan Game Academy
  • Startup support (7 programs)
    SW Convergence Cluster, Busan Regional SW Promotion Program, Busan Mobile App Center, Single-person Creative Business Center, SOMAT, Busan Global Game Center, Content Korea Lab Busan
  • Capacity build-up of would-be accelerators
    provide customized training and support startup program operation (specialized technical training, marketing, connection with investment promotion, startup financing support program, expert consulting, networking exchanges etc.)


Classification Agency Support Period No. of rooms
1 Busan Mobile App Center office (1-person), test bed etc. up to 2 yrs 30
2 Single-person Creative Business Center office (1-person), common-use equipment up to 18 mths 20
3 SOMAT office (1 to multiple-person), common-use equipment etc. up to 3 yrs 15
4 Content Korea Lab Busan office (1/2/4/multiple-person),common-use equipment etc. up to 2 yrs 15
5 Busan Global Game Center Accommodation support would-be(up to 18 mths), startup(up to 3 yrs) 20
Total 100

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