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Startup Ecosystem

Startup Ecosystem

Follow your dream of starting a business with Busan Starup!
For your better today and greater tomorrow, Busan Startup, a hub of startup ecosystem, will support you.

How to create a startup ecosystem and provide support

Promote entrepreneurship

understand educational background, experience and conditions of those who want to start a business

Create a startup ecosystem

For aspiring entrepreneurs
support to accumulate experience, explore opportunities, and build network
For new entrepreneurs
support to strengthen capability, pursue opportunities and secure resources
for successful entrepreneurs
support to exert management capability, realize opportunities and utilize network

Phased support

  • startup lecture and training
  • spread of best practices
  • promising technology and startup support
  • angel
  • mentor, consulting
  • government-sponsored financing, networking
  • institution, law
  • cultural and social recognition


  • Conduct total inspection and analysis of startup support programs implemented by investor, government agency and university.
  • Coordinate similar or redundant startup initiatives through communication and cooperation, and specialize them.
  • Prioritize and put focus on what those who aspire to or prepare for starting a business actually need in reality.
  • Facilitate startup by providing systematic support and enhancing related systems

Organizations for startup support

Pre BI

Busan Economic Promotion Agency
operate spaces for startup communication (communication, exchanges, idea sharing, network etc.)

Business Incubator

  • manage Government BI → Busan & Ulsan Small and Medium Business Administration
  • support small business startup → Busan Economic Promotion Agency
  • support ICT business startup → Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency
  • support manufacturing business startup → Busan Techno Park
  • support design business startup → Busan Design Center

Post BI

Busan & Ulsan Small and Medium Business Administration
manage Government Post BI
Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
provide support for growth, global startup, re-startup; accelerator

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Startup Ecosystem